Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Art|Sci Exhibition :: "Duality" by James K. Gimzewski

"Duality" is an Art|Sci manifestation of complexity emerging from a tiny network of billions of tiny self-assembled, self-organized, non-linear connections that materialize in time and space through holistic processes and which are a kinesthetic visualization of wandering in and out of the fuzzy borders of chaos and order. We use real networks, where the creator has given permission to its expanding and collapsing spatio-temporal morphogenic and often catastrophic dynamics.

This project represents the transition in science and art from giving up on the clock to embrace a cloud in terms of Karl Popper’s important statement, "We live in a universe not of clocks but of clouds". In the laboatory, we build electro-ionic clouds. In the gallery, we let them self-create images, songs, and dance for this Art|Sci exhibit entitled "Duality".

It is the duality of the dark space between the known and unknown, determinism and surprise, mathematical form and fuzziness from which the atoms, electrons, and ions speak to the visitors without censorship.

James K. Gimzewski is a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCLA. His accomplishments include the first STM-manipulation of molecules at room temperature, the realization of molecular abacus using bucky balls, the discovery of single molecule rotors and the development of nanomechanical sensors based on nanotechnology, which explore the ultimate limits of sensitivity and measurement. His current interests within CNSI are in the nanoarchitectonics of molecular systems and molecular and biomolecular machines, in particular those with quantum mechanical possibilities for information processing.

In Collaboration With: Henry Sillin, Audrius Avizienis & Huanqi "Franky" Zhu


Photos by: Blanka Buic for the Art|Sci Center + Lab at UCLA
Exhibition Date: April 4, 2013

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